Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do with our old equipment? Will you take it away?

In most cases we will dispose of your old equipment.

Do you offer personal training services?

Yes…we work with some of the best certified personal trainers in Colorado. Please contact the store so we can help you determine which trainer from our network will be a good fit for your needs.

What do you think of the things that we see on TV? (Bowflex, Treadclimber, etc.)

Most of the “Made for TV items”….are exactly that- made for TV. They are of questionable quality and will not deliver you the fitness results that you are expecting. Most “Made for TV” products are very lightweight construction so that they can be sold for a very low price.

Why should I purchase at Colorado Home Fitness and NOT purchase over the internet?

You have a professional at our store that cares about you and your purchase and is available to help you through your whole process of purchasing equipment from the finding the right piece to making sure it will fit. After your purchase should you have any issue you are dealing with a local person that is invested in making sure you are completely satisfied. This is in comparison to trying to get additional assistance from someone on an 800 number in another state that doesn’t really care if your problem gets solved or not. Keep in mind that a mistake buying fitness equipment online is very different from getting the wrong size in a piece of clothing. Most companies will require you re-box the equipment and pay the return freight which will be very costly as most of the equipment is very heavy and bulky. To get inside delivery and assembly on a piece purchased online will cost you as much as $500 for an elliptical or treadmill. Another online issue is service after the purchase. Even the top of the line equipment can have an issue and most online sellers have to look for a service provider locally to help you out. This means they know little about who they are sending to your home. That provider has no vested interest in making sure you are thrilled with the service so you might return for more business. At Colorado Home Fitness we have our own factory certified service staff that completely understands that by getting the repair done as quickly and efficiently as possible for you can be the difference between you doing additional business with us or not.

Is it important to have an adjustable stride on an elliptical?

Yes if the stride adjustment is created using a cross ramp like the ones on Precor Ellipticals. The cross ramp will bring up to 60% of your muscle mass into the exercise resulting in a much greater calorie burn as opposed to simply making the stride longer. The cross ramp from Precor also provides more variety when exercising similar to using the elevation on a treadmill. 

What piece of exercise equipment will burn more calories, or will work best for me?

The best piece of equipment is the piece that you will use. Burning the most calories when exercising is measured by your exertion, so the simple answer is to find something that you enjoy. Do you like to run but hate the pounding your body takes? An elliptical or functional trainer may be the answer for you. Coming into our store to try out a large variety of exercise equipment and speaking with our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you find the perfect piece of equipment for yourself.

What is the best home gym or weight machine?

There is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to strength training. It is best to visit with our staff to determine which of our many strength training options best meets your needs. It may be a traditional style gym or perhaps a functional trainer. Functional training is a new way of training that focuses on how you move throughout the day and improving your strength to help with those activities. Functional trainers like the Precor S3.23 can condense everything you need into a compact 3'x4' space and cut your strength workout time in half.

What are the best exercises for legs?

When looking at lower body exercises, compound exercises are where you will see the best results. A compound exercise means you are incorporating more that one muscle group per exercise. Squats, lunges and dead lifts are examples of compound exercises. You may choose to use dumb bells, but a functional trainer would be the best choice for doing these exercises because of the variety.

Do I need a mat under my treadmill?

Yes, the mat will protect your floor from sweat. It will also protect the treadmill from items being sucked into the motor housing and onto the deck thus prolonging the life of the treadmill. 

Does my treadmill deck need to be lubricated?

While most treadmills decks require lubrication Precor and PaceMaster treadmills do not.

Does Colorado Home Fitness have a experienced delivery and service department?

Yes. Our delivery and service department has 26 years of combined experience.