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Good Reasons for Working Out Indoors

With the winter is upon us, our ability to exercise outdoors becomes a little less frequent as inclement weather and shorter days come into play. While many look at this change of venue from outside to inside as a real challenge to their motivation and compromise of their normal routine, there are several things to actually be aware of that make exercising indoors not only a compliment but a strategy for helping hit your fitness goals during the entire year and not just when the weather is bad...Read More

Motivation and Exercise Adherence

Unfortunately most people enter an exercise or weight loss program with the least amount of preparation and proper investigation into good goal setting skills… Read More

Are You in Shape for Golf this Year?

Let’s look at a few key areas of exercise and physical conditioning and see how it can apply to improving your golf game this coming season...Read More

Benefits of Strength Training

Over the last decade, strength training has gained incredible popularity and it is now realized to be an essential part of any fitness regimen along with activities that focus on cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and optimal body composition...Read More

Strength Training for Women

Tired of sweating all over every piece of cardio equipment at the gym and still getting zero love from the scale? You need more iron. Not in your diet-in your hands. According to the National Center for Health Statistics...Read More