Colorado Home Fitness STAFF BIOS


Chip Hunnings, President

I started in the fitness industry in 1984 after completing a degree in Sports Management at Guilford College.  A two year stint in the health club industry was followed by a lifelong career in the Specialty Fitness retail industry.  After working for 5 years for a company based on the East Coast, I moved to Colorado to open my first company, All About Fitness.

All About Fitness grew into 13 stores covering 4 states. In 2004 I took advantage of an unexpected opportunity to sell that business. While it was a hard decision it ultimately turned out to be one that has led me back to the the type of business that I enjoy most, a smaller company that has extreme focus on delivering great customer service.

While it has been the focus of my professional career, fitness has also played an important role in my personal life as well. Many people mistakenly think that those of us working in the fitness industry have an unusual amount of time available for exercise and that, along with being fitness fanatics makes staying in shape an easy task. While being around the equipment and the latest information certainly provides a lot of incentive to work out, our lives are as hectic as everyone else’s so we have to find ways to fit workouts into our schedules consistently. 

When my wife, Melinda, had our first child in 1997, I let the time requirements and stress of running a growing business along with the requirements of being a dad outweigh the need for balance in my life. I became overweight and realized my health was at risk along with the quality of life I wanted with my growing family. I decided to start living the type of life I was selling to people each day. Within a year I had lost over 50 lbs, all of which has remained off over 14 years later. This personal experience allows me to have a very clear understanding of and appreciation for the obstacles that we all face when it comes to remaining fit and healthy. It also allows for me to offer real world advice that is derived from first-hand experience.

Today Melinda and I take great pride in the example we set for our kids, Bryce , Brock , and Brooke. When we see them walking on the treadmill while watching a favorite show, or listen to them talk about how many grams of fat are in a particular food, we know that we have given them a head start towards a long and healthy life.


Steve Antonczyk, General Manager / Sales

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been involved with Sports, Athletics and Fitness.   I grew up playing Baseball, Soccer and Basketball with my brothers, sisters and friends, and I’ve always been an avid skier.  My interests in Sports and Fitness eventually led me to DePaul University in Chicago were I graduated with a degree in Sports Management with a emphasis in Exercise Physiology.   My athletic and fitness interests remain strong.  I have currently completed six marathons including two Boston Marathons.  I have trained for and completed in the Colorado Tough Mudder and I continue to play competitive Softball and ski every chance that I get. 

Now…as a Husband and Father I’m just like you.  I have a family that I enjoy doing things with.  We love to ski, hike, ride bikes, play basketball and just stay active.  I also work long hours and I need to find the time to work out everyday.  I choose to lead an active and healthy lifestyle and to enjoy my life to the fullest.

 I have been working on the Specialty Fitness side of the fitness industry since 1989.  Since I started in the fitness industry I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals and enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.  I am an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Fitness Equipment Expert as well as a TRX instructor.

 My commitment to you is to share my 24 years of experience and to provide you with the knowledge, training and advice that you’ll need to enjoy your own personal fitness success.


Scott Wiatrak, Sales & Service

My goal at Colorado Home Fitness is to use my 15 years of experience in servicing fitness equipment to help you make informed buying decisions when you are deciding on the right equipment for your home.
I also use my knowledge to help Colorado Home Fitness decide on which products best fill the ratings of good, better and best in the company’s plan to provide you with choices at all three levels.
If something should go wrong with a product I am the one that will be leading the way in getting it back up and running. I have been factory certified as a technician by most of the major manufacturers in the industry. With my years of experience I am able to correct most problems very quickly. Combining that knowledge and experience with my desire to provide outstanding customer service will result in any service you may have being handled efficiently.

In my free time, my wife Kim and I spend time with our daughter, Jordyn. We have the opportunity to spend a lot of time together as we support Jordyn’s athletic endeavors including basketball and competitive softball.


Justin Salyer, Sales

I have been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years, but I have been an athlete for my most my life. I have worked for two of the largest fitness retailers in the country. I have had the pleasure of working with and selling some of the best products available to you as a consumer. Along with my past experiences in this industry I know what works and what does not work. I try to apply that knowledge in making sure you get a perfect fit with your product(s) and get you results you desire. My job is to educate you, NOT sell you on an idea. My hope is that when you work with me you feel good about your investment in your future health.


Chad Harwick

Chad Harwick has been in the fitness industry since 2000, and moved his family to Colorado from the Chicago area in the summer of 2014 to enjoy the active lifestyle available in Colorado.  With a background as a personal trainer, Chad is experienced with helping people of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete.  He doesn’t believe in taking a cookie cutter approach, instead you can expect Chad to ask you all the right questions to help you choose the best piece of equipment to meet your individual needs.  Chad has seen too many people make the mistake of not getting the right equipment to start and you can count on him to never let that happen to you!  A devoted family man and lover of people, you will find yourself fast friends when you work with Chad.  If he’s not in the store, you can find him on one of Colorado’s many 14ers, taking full advantage of the adventure & beauty of Colorado.



Carlos Aviles

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years and I’ve prided myself in learning this industry in every facet.
Working in almost every role in the fitness business…I’ve held management positions, worked as a manufacture representative, and in business to business sales. 
I love interacting with my clients, providing energetic customer service and striving to ensure my clients achieve their fitness goals.

As a father of two College students, I’m always trying to be a positive role model in their lives and inspiring them to be their very best!
There’s no better feeling than motivating someone to be their very best….and I do it every day.