Why Buy from Colorado Home Fitness

Great Advice.

Our professional staff cares about you and your purchase. They will help you throughout the entire process from selecting the right product to ensuring the professional delivery and installation of your new product.

Great Equipment.

Our showrooms feature many models in every category of equipment. Much like the purchase of a car, fitness equipment requires a test drive. From the positioning of the controls to the feel of the motion, your new equipment should be what feels right to you. Being able to try out different models side by side in the comfort of our showroom gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself what feels best. Don’t rely on a supposed expert online to tell you what to buy. Almost all of the online review sites are run by equipment manufacturers as a marketing tool. Educate yourself by trying the equipment out firsthand and then decide for yourself.


Great Results.

If you do not achieve your fitness goals then you and CHF loses. To that end we offer a lot of help to ensure you reach the results you want. Included in that help is an InBody 720 Test/Consultation with Neil Wolkodoff, PHD. This is a $95 value we give you for FREE*. This simple and easy test will answer two important questions: what you should weigh and what are the best exercises for you. For more details contact one of our stores for a brochure.


Great Service.

All of our service, delivery and installation are done by professionally trained staff employed by CHF. Making sure where you buy your equipment controls these services should be an important part of your buying decision process. Because the people coming to your home to perform these services are part of our company we can ensure you they will treat your home and property with respect and do the job quickly and efficiently. All of these staff members are well aware that the job they do will have a great influence on your decision to make future purchases from CHF and/or recommend CHF to your friends and family. Companies that use third party providers for these services cannot offer the same level of control.


Great for the Community.

CHF is a locally owned company that supports our local communities. Doing business locally is an important step in ensuring the continued economic strength and high quality of life we enjoy in Colorado.