26b045250b5eacb91198f629781a72e5.jpegBill Ross Fit was founded originally as strictly a fitness company. Over 24 years it evolved into a complete fitness and coaching company. I found out during the journey as a personal trainer that if a client does not change their behaviors towards exercise and nutrition that any weight loss that occurs is only temporary. Knowing this I changed my training programs to include behavior change solutions. By adding the behavior change solutions I was able to increase my clients success rate from 65% to 98%. The behavior change solutions are a part of the guided self therapy Holistic Life Coaching. The holistic life coaching has nothing to do with religion. It does have to do with approaching your entire life as a whole. For example your behaviors and actions towards, food, exercise, success and life. You and I together will figure out the root cause of the issues and focus on ways to overcome them.”