Personal Training

Great Equipment! Great Advice! is our tagline. The latter is a very important part of the formula for your success. Our staff has great experience with both t he equipment and exercise programs, but we don’t stop there. We partner with some the best Personal Trainers in the area. This partnership allows us to refer you to a selection of qualified fitness experts that will make your fitness goals a reality.

Beyond that we use the training and expertise of these professionals to bring you informative seminars on the subjects you care about. We have also established a panel of the trainers to answer your online questions about exercise.

If you have questions for our trainers, please direct them to


Sport & Specific Personal Trainers

Tech Performance Center - At the Tech Performance Center, We Change Lives!

We know you have options when it comes to personal training and coaching and we want a chance to earn your business! We assume that if you are reading this today, that you have interest and a desire to be better than you presently are, right? Don’t you want to lose weight, move better, think better, play better, enjoy life to the fullest, AND... "look like awesome feels?" I mean, really, who doesn’t?

In order to get you to that point, WE BELIEVE that everyone should have a personal trainer/coach; a personally created exercise program; a personally created nutrition plan; and a place that feels "like home" everytime to come to workout. We believe you should be treated as an individual, and done so with respect, gratefulness and a valued member of our gym, not just another "big box" gym number!

Personalized in-home Fitness Training and more by Stephanie & Diana ( - We offer a range of services to fit your fitness and health needs. We offer Exercise Therapy, Fitness Nutrition, In Home Personal Training ( Single, Couples or Group Session) Call or email for pricing