Benefits to Working Out at Home

While working out at the gym has its benefits, home fitness offers many benefits as well. Not only can you save money in the long-term, but some people may see better results faster because they are more comfortable working out at home and it's more convenient. To acheive the results you're looking for, think about whether home fitness or gym workouts work best with your lifestyle. Or enjoy the best of both worlds by alternating your home and gym workouts.

The Benefits of Home Fitness:

  • Saves TIme
    Home workouts eliminate the time needed to drive to the gym (perhaps in rush-hour traffic), park and lock your stuff up in the locker room. And at home, you never have to wait in line to use the machine you want. 
  • Saves Money
    Over time, investing in home fitness equipment is more cost effective than monthly gym membership dues. If your gym membership is $40/month, you end up spending $480/year. With the amount you would spend on gym fees in a few years, you could invest in a piece of home fitness equipment that would last you a lifetime. And if we agree time is money, that's additional savings. 
  • Convenient
    Your exercise equipment is right there. No more excuses of rush-hour, bad weather or a bad hair day. You can roll right out of bed for your morning workout, then right into the shower and off to work. 
  • Personal Space/Privacy 
    Some people are reluctant to work out in front of others. When you have a home gym or cardio equipment at home, you can sweat away without worrying about people watching you or feeling like they're judging your progress. 
  • Freedom
    You get to choose the TV station you want to watch or music you want to listen to at the volume you prefer. Work out in your underwear if you want. You're running the show here.   
  • Unlimited Hours of Operation
    Unlike most gyms, your home gym is open 24-7-365. 
  • Don't Worry How You Look
    You can wear whatever you want and it doesn't even matter if you have bed head. And there's no need to spend money on the fancy workout gear anymore. 
  • Sanitary 
    While gyms do the best they can to keep things clean and encourage patrons to do the same, the truth is you are only exposed to your own germs at home. 
  • More Consistent
    Often times the above benefits of a home fitness gym encourages you to be more consistent with your workouts offering quicker, better results.