We Guarantee The Best Prices!

We GUARANTEE we have the best prices you’ll find on our products!   


Often manufacturers have a “Minimum Advertised Price” or MAP price. This means the seller (Colorado Home Fitness) cannot advertise those products below a certain price on their website.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t sell them below that price, we just can’t advertise them on our site below that price. 

We are constantly checking our in store pricing against prices online to make sure you are getting the lowest price possible on our great equipment. All you have to do is call or stop by one of our locations and you’ll get the lowest price to be found on great equipment like Precor treadmills and ellipticals and Strength equipment from Hoist and Inspire. * Click here for details.

*Because of our strong belief that you should purchase your fitness equipment from a Specialty Fitness store that offers you the chance to try the equipment before you buy and will provide you great customer service after the purchase including professional delivery and setup as well as an in-house service department our LOW everyday prices are only quoted to customers in our servicing territory. That territory is most of Colorado and some bordering states.